What our satisfied clients have to say!

Hi Len,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note regarding Chaos Over. I am working on a large insurance deal for a client. E-mails are flying regarding the deal, and I’m working with our office in Chicago.

Without warning, I just got a call from a partner in Chicago with the client’s CFO and attorney on the phone. They had concerns about the numbers, and immediately started asking questions.

I calmly opened the client’s e-mail folder, and had instant access to all the important e-mails.

With no stress, I answered all of their questions. I was able to take a potentially stressful situation, and turn it into an easy phone call. The attorney and the CFO are happy.

Thanks for all of your help. Chaos Over works.

Tax Partner at National Accounting Firm
Managing Director

Hi Len,

Can you believe it’s been a year since you’ve trained us?!

Over this past year the techniques and tools that you provided me have become second nature, especially the Electronic Terminals. It’s simply amazing how much it has kept me focused, organized and on task with my duties. This method isn’t just a short term fix…it’s a commitment, and once you get in the habit of it, it WORKS!!!

So, without taking up more of your time, I simply wanted to say “Thank you”.

My very best regards,

Accounting Manager

I went to the ChaosOver seminar on March 24th. Here are a few highlights that have occurred as a result of the some changes that I have made, and what this means to me:

  • As of last night, I went from over 32,000 e-mails in my in-box to 0.
  • By Wednesday, my sent box should similarly be reduced from over 5,800 e-mails to 0.
  • I was previously not convinced that sorting through the enormous number of e-mails that I receive daily would actually save me time, but it does.
  • I am expecting to save about 1.5 hours per day by avoiding the "Search" for information.
  • I am able to focus on my current projects and my pended work.
  • My office looks more professional because I no longer keep files laying out.
  • My workflow has begun to improve in many ways.
  • My co-workers can see that I have made some dramatic changes as well
  • I envision getting back in touch with my creativity now that the chaos in my life has been enormously reduced.
  • I envision my family telling me that I am more relaxed and more fun to be with.

I hope this information is helpful to others! Regards,
Julie M. Raff
Senior Consultant
Assistant Vice President
Lockton Insurance Brokers, LLC
Irvine, Ca

"We have benefited greatly from the ChaosOver program here at Swinerton. In the construction industry, there is a real potential for our people to be overwhelmed with the rate of change and flow of information on today's jobsites. As the division manager, I have seen the way his program has benefited our Project Engineers, Project Managers, Superintendents and our main office staff in dealing with the vast amounts of information coming at them each day. We were so impressed with Len's program that we have had him back a second time to train additional people within our organization.

The ChaosOver program is, in my opinion, the best training available today for those in the construction industry. The ChaosOver program has been the highest return on our investment for any training we have ever done."

George S. Ehara
Vice President & Division Manager
Swinerton Builders
Honolulu, Hawaii
Swinerton Builders

Quotes from Chaos Over participants from Baker Electric, one of San Diego's leading electrical contractors with positions ranging from accounting, estimating, project engineers, managers, and owners.

“I have experienced a paradigm shift in the way I manage my daily activities from both a professional and personal level by incorporating the principles of the Chaos Over program. I have been able to free my mind of clutter and anxiety and replace it with creativity and peace of mind. Thank you for all your help.“

“I like how it has gotten everyone in our company on the same page.”

”We have experienced 70% growth this year and I don’t know how I would have gotten through the past three months without this program.”

“Having everyone on the same system raised our awareness about getting back to people and increased communication overall.”

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Baker Electric Baker Electric

Quotes from Chaos Over participants from Pacific Building Group, an award winning commercial contractor in San Diego, CA.

“Things are getting done more quickly leaving me time for marketing.”

“The program is helping us all to move forward. It’s worked 100% for me.”

”The program is keeping me worry-free. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore worried about work.”

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Pacific Building Group Pacific Building Group

Atkinson Construction


I would just like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to better our lives, both in business and personally, through the ChaosOver training program. The program has affected me instantaneously. I am more productive and efficient because of the program. My workspace looks exponentially better, which allows me to focus on tasks, adding more value to the company's productivity. Len has given me the tools to be a better human being, which I will carry with me forever.

Much Obliged,

Scott Conover
Accounts Payable
Atkinson Contactors, LP
27422 Portola Parkway, Suite 250
Foothill Ranch, CA 92611 (949)855-9755 Ext. 331

"My office is completely different. I really like the office set up. I had my first good night’s sleep last night. I really get the concept of how procrastinating affects the subconscious mind. I am looking forward to being more organized and having more time to concentrate on one thing at a time. I think my health will improve because I will have more energy at the end of the day to spend with my family because I will not be so worn out from being in chaos."

Project Manager
Albert C. Kobayashi, Inc.
General Contractors
Kobayashi, Inc.

"I'm glad I took the program. One of the greatest benefits I received was e-mail management. I feel in control of that now. It has helped to have different e-mail folders rather than keeping things in my e-mail In Box. I'm not forgetting things anymore because I am printing out e-mails when I need to.

I don't leave quick things (3 minutes or less) in my In Box anymore, I "just do it". This helps others to do their work because I'm not keeping things for a long time.

My ability to think about the business has greatly improved because my mind is clearer. My follow-ups have improved because of the Turtle system and having the deadline dates written on the Turtles".

Rodney Nohara
Jayar Construction Co., Inc.
Jayar Construction Co., Inc.

"I am more proactive in pre-planning for things and there is less fires to put out. Because I am forgetting less, I don't sabotage other people's work who might be waiting for something from me.”

“I am managing my work instead of recovering from something that could have been avoided".

Aaron Yahiku
Project Manager
Jayar Construction Co., Inc.
Jayar Construction Co., Inc.

"To All of my staff:

I humbly ask that each of you positively work with our consultant for the ChaosOver training over the next four months. For us to always have the kind of success we've enjoyed over the past several years, we simply must continuously improve more than our competition over time.

From my personal experience, this program has allowed me to be at least 25% more productive, in less time and with less stress. Dr. Deming said that 96% of the outcome has to do with the system. This ChaosOver program is a system for paper, computer and information processing. If this system improves our output by only 10%, we will have made our investment back in three months. However, I really believe the improvements will be in the order of 20% to 30%."

Mr. Glenn Nohara
Koga Engineering & Construction Company

“The ChaosOver program was a great help in improving my focus, organization, and decreasing my stress levels. I feel like I have tools to better handle the daily stresses of the industry and to better prioritize my day. The pending and follow-up part of the system is a great tool to stay on top of subcontractors and suppliers and better service our clients.”

Michael S. Inouye
Senior Project Engineer
Ralph S. Inouye Co., Ltd.
Ralph S. Inouye Co. Inc.

“The program helped a lot. I do not lose things anymore. I can find things quickly because everything has a home. I feel like a big rock on my shoulders is gone. I used to feel annoyed when I would get interrupted, now I have a different perspective towards interruptions and realize that they are part of my job. I am way less stressed out and have fewer gray hairs“.

Tera Arce
Accounts Receivable
Shasta Landscaping, Inc.
Shasta Landscaping

"Just a note to tell you how happy Magnecomp staff is with the ChaosOver program.

Various staff members have mentioned to me that the program has made a big positive impact in improving their productivity, lessening their stress and enabling them to more effectively with customers and other Magnecomp locations."
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Diane H Frank
Senior Manager
Human Resources
Magnecomp Corporation USA
Magnecomp Corporation

"ECS is a civil engineering consulting company with over 1,100 employees in 30 offices across much of the United States. As a consulting company, our employees work hard and juggle multiple demands including being responsive to our clients, solving problems on construction projects, and maintaining significant project loads. Without good personal organization and effectiveness, an employee can get buried quickly.

We conducted a survey of our program participants after completion of the CareerTech™ program which indicated that participants estimated that they realized a 34% increase in effectiveness, and a 32% decrease in stress (using a self rating scale of 1 to 10). The survey participants also indicated that the biggest benefits included: 'I am staying on top of things better, being more focused on the task at hand'; 'Less stress with organization, information retrievability'; and  'Stress reduction and follow-through'."
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James R. Carpenter
PE, Vice President
ECS Corporate Services, LLC
ECS Corporate Services, LLC

"We found the program delivered on all of its objectives including increased productivity, lowered stress, far fewer mistakes and growth in our creativity. Aside from the initial one day seminar, the most valuable aspect of the program was the one-on-one individual consulting that each of us received over a four month period."

John M. Chandler
Berry, Dunn, McNeil and Parker CPA Firm
Berry, Dunn, McNeil & Parker

"Chaos in your life will be ending starting on Wednesday, May 14th. Len Merson will be conducting his workshop to help end chaos in your life. I guarantee that Len (he will also make you laugh) and ably assisted by Sari Reis (who will be working closely with each of you) will show you a revolutionary system that will help you become better organized and hopefully relieve some stress in your life."

"The training will provide you with skills to change your habits in managing information…e-mails, memos, voice mails, letters, faxes, interruptions, verbal requests, etc…to improve your productivity, expand your creativity, maximize customer satisfaction, and allow you to actually take back control of your life! As part of the ChaosOver program, you will also receive four personal consultations over the next four months to ensure your success. "

Enjoy and Thanks

Dennis P. Lemieux
Director of Operations
Berry, Dunn, McNeil and Parker CPA Firm
Berry, Dunn, McNeil & Parker

"In the first three months after we started the program, we experienced a thirty-five percent reduction in non chargeable time. Our lost efforts dropped from more than 300 hours per person per year to less than 200. We more than doubled our employees’ average pay in twelve years.

Every person who has worked for my firm goes to the program. No matter how busy or overloaded we are, it never looks like it to an outsider.

I have not had to schedule the work for my staff for ten years, and when one of my people forgot to file an extension last year, that was the first time  it happened since we started with the program more than ten years ago. During that time, we filed 25,000 timely returns. Nothing is perfect, but 24,999 and 1 is a pretty good record for a firm where the biggest partner devotes no time at all to staff scheduling."
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A. Lee Anthony, CPA
Anthony & Associates
Brea, CA

“Thanks to the ChaosOver program, I could successfully manage the massive amount of work over the past busy tax season. Now I am totally in control of my work, and the program gave me back my peace of mind. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who is under pressure at work all the time, especially in the field of public accounting.”

Hannah Lim
CPA – RPR Partners
San Diego, CA

"Part of solving a problem is realizing you have one and that was probably the biggest thing that I got out of this program. It opened my eyes to the affects of clutter and just how much stuff I have accumulated. It also helped me be timelier in returning phone calls and organizing and prioritizing what I need to get done. I have integrated it with my Palm-Pilot which is also wonderful."

Lenny Gordon, CPA
Stonefield Josephson, Inc.
Stonefield Josephson, Inc.

"I've got a terrific sense of accomplishment accompanied by a serene, relaxed feeling. I have to admit, I was skeptical the first few days but after rearranging my office layout, and sticking with the program for a few weeks, I began to notice a tremendous increase in my productivity. My clients are impressed with the fast turnaround on their work, and my partners have commented that I don't seem to be working as hard for the same results. Frankly, I think they're envious. Before, I would never have "found" the time to undertake these tasks."

Gordon P. Firemark
Attorney at Law
The Business Affairs Group
Gordon P. Firemark

"After taking your program at Sun Microsystems my life has really taken a turn for the better. I'm so much more aware of what I have to do, and after follow-up visits from one of your consultants, I can't believe how I ever got anything accomplished before. Your consultant was great and really got me on track. Thank you."

Daniel Lynn
Program Manager
Sun Microsystems
Sun Microsystems

"Fourteen days after the training and life is already much simpler. All I can say is thank you for encouraging me into taking the Program. Every day I have gone home this week I have not been tired, my work is done and I leave on time. Thank You, and my family thanks you."

Laurie Walter
Consumer Services
The Whirlpool Corporation
The Whirlpool Corporation

"When we sent the first two project managers through the program in November 1995, little did we know how popular it would be amongst our staff or what impact it would have on our operations." "The combination of group seminar and individual follow-up sessions has been very successful for our staff. The long relationship with a consultant effectively reinforces new organizational habits. This aspect distinguishes this program from other programs and is the primary reason I keep sending staff to new sessions. I also like the program orientation toward practical solutions."

"In talking to new graduates, each person identifies different features of the program as most valuable. The program works for those who were already extremely well organized, as well as those who are less organized. Firm-wide, the result is better organized and more productive staff who experience less stress about staying on top of multiple tasks with ever-changing priorities."

Dave Evans
Principal/Vice President
Brian Kangas Foulk
Brian Kangas Foulk

"Your presentation at our February First Friday Breakfast entitled Controlled by Chaos? Clear the Clutter was outstanding. Your expertise and enthusiasm captivated our members and provided them with tools they could apply immediately to their respective businesses. You had tremendous command of the audience, keeping everyone engaged and motivating them to improve their business. The program evaluations were excellent and comments included 'Dynamic, interesting presenter. Great Job!' and 'Excellent!' Thank you again."
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Betsy Bracken
Director of Special Events
Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce
Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce


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